Types of Leases

leasezero offers a variety of leasing structures with unique characteristics to fit your businesses needs. This allows businesses to maximize the economic benefits of leasing, including cash flow management, conservation of capital, protection against technological obsolescence, and tax and balance sheet advantages.

  • • Fair Market Value (FMV) – Equipment can be purchased at the end of the lease for its current fair market value, or the lessee can return the equipment with no further obligation
  • • EFA (Equipment Finance Agreement) – A method of equipment financing with fixed payments for a predetermined number of months, where the borrower owns the equipment and the lender simply retains a security interest through the transaction
  • • $1 Buyout – The lessee fulfills payment requirements for the duration of the lease, and once final payment is made along with $1.00, the lessee become the owner of the equipment
  • • Operating Lease – Qualifies for off balance sheet reporting (call for details)
  • • Master Lease Agreement – Master contract with terms and conditions, which are then referenced in follow-up schedules
  • • Co-Terminus Schedules / Add-ons – New equipment schedules that refer back to master lease agreement with either new or co-terminus terms
  • • Deferred Payment Structure – Allows for payment moratorium at lease inception, first payment not due for an agreed upon amount time (generally 90-180 days)